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“Pawan Group” provides entire technical solution for standard elements used in sheet metal press tools & plastic injection moulds. We are manufacturing and also marketing other’s manufactured elements to cover total range of elements and accessories under one roof.

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  • info.pawangroup@gmail.com, jajudipesh@gmail.com
  • RL - 2, Opp. Sh. Bhagat Sing, High School, Bajaj Nagar, Waluj, Aurangabad (India), 431136

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Factors to Improve Punch Life

  • Regular periodic regrinding of punches
  • Using annealed head punch
  • Matching the hardness of punch head and punch back plate & chamfer on theback of the punch head will minimise side loads caused by tool misalignment
  • Making punch heads ticker and adding a larger-than-normal radius under the head
  • Making use of shear angles at the punch tips
  • Making the tool sturdy (by using higher size plates pins and bush) & reducing the length of punch
  • Selection of proper grade of tool steel, heat treatment & coating process for the punch
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